Hot Popcorn Popper

How to Select the Family Popcorn Popper

Some great advice on choosing and purchasing the right popcorn popper for your family:

Type of popper

Hot air popcorn poppers use only hot air to produce popcorn without oil.

Stir crazy popcorn poppers are electrical popcorn machines that use oil to pop your popcorn.

Whirley pop oventop popcorn poppers can be used on a gas or electric oven. You turn a crank on the handle of the pan to stir the corn.

Size and Style

Think about how much popcorn you will be making for your family and friends at a time. Home popcorn typically prepare 4-6 oz servings at a time, 1 oz is about the size of a small popcorn at the movie theater.

Air popcorn poppers and stir crazy poppers come in a variety of colors and sizes, with see though lids to make popping enjoyable.

Popping Time

Most popcorn makers nowadays have a popping cycle time of 2-5 minutes, depending on the size of the batch.

Lids and Warming Cups

See-through lids are a very popular feature on most brands of popcorn machines. It allows you to actually see your popcorn as it’s being made, children go absolutely nuts about it.

Some air poppers include a warming cup that sits on top of the popcorn maker, allowing you to melt butter ready to drizzle over the popcorn for a delicious end result.

Some stir crazy poppers have air vents, where you can add butter and seasoning as the popcorn is popping.

Easy to Clean

Several popcorn makers have dishwasher-proof pieces and some have non-stick plates, making cleaning even easier.

Air poppers require a minimal amount of cleaning, since the only ingredient beside the popping corn is air.