Hot Popcorn Popper

Presto Hot Air Popper

Presto hot air popcorn poppers are a real brand name in the hot air popper industry. Presto makes great quality popcorn poppers that will last you many great years of popcorn treat. Presto popcorn makers come in several models, including the Orville Redenbacher edition popper. Browse below and choose the presto hot air popper thats just right for your family and friends. You can also check out many more air corn popper offers here: hot air corn popper.

Presto Hot Air Corn Popper (04820 PopLite)

  • Electric hot air corn popper, no oil required
  • Faster and healthier than microwave popcorn
  • Leaves almost no unpopped kernels using either gourmet OR regular corn
  • Pops up to 18 cups in less than 2-1/2 minutes
  • Measuring cup can also be used as a butter melter
  • Size: 11.6 x 10 x 7 inches; 3.5 pounds

Presto Hot Air Corn Popper (Orville Redenbacher)

  • ORVILLE REDENBACHER hot air popper by Presto
  • Makes up to 18 cups in 2-1/2 min
  • Leaves very few, sometimes no unpopped kernels
  • Does not need oil, makes a healthy snack for the whole family
  • Display box
  • Size: 11.6 x 10 x 7 inches; 3.5 pounds

Presto Microwave Multi-Popper (04830 PowerPop)

  • Endorsed and signed by Orville Redenbacher!
  • Pops with or without oil for delicious popcorn just the way you like it!
  • Concentrates microwaves for virtually every kernel pops.
  • Just pop it in your microwave for hot, fresh popcorn.
  • Size: 6.50x10.0x10.0 weight 1.228

When you purchase a Presto Air Popper, you know you are getting a quality kitchen appliance at a great price, providing your friends and family many years of healthy snacks. As you know, popcorn popped with hot air is the healthiest and most nutritious snack, since the only ingredient added during the popping process is air, giving the term "light as air" a new meaning. You can season the snack as you wish after it has popped, just be aware, that every seasoning ingredient will add to the calorie count of the batch of popcorn. Alternatively, if your family likes different tasting popcorn, you can separate the popcorn into several batches, and season them individually.