Hot Popcorn Popper

Healthy Air Popper Snack

If you love popcorn, you must have heard of popping corn with the use of revolving hot air. But, you may not know, that this results in one of the healthiest, yet tastiest snacks ever! Popcorn popped with revolving hot air in an air popper will contain practically no fat, cholestorol or sodium, and is a good source of dietary fibers. Air popped popcorn can be seasoned at the end, so your popcorn snack can be unique each time you pop a new batch.


What it the Method of Making Air Popped Popcorn?

air popcornFirst you'll need a hot air popper, which is a small kitchen appliance approximately 30 centimeters long, and half that in width. It has an attachable spout, where the popcorn will pour out. Underneath the spout is the circular shaped kettle, usually made out of metal, where the popcorn is fed into the machine.

After adding the kernels, you place the hot air popper under power. Your children will have fun watching the next stage, as the unit circullarly revolves hot air in the kettle, which propels the kernels round and round the side wall of the kettle. All of this can be watched, as the spout of the popper is usually see-though. The kernels pop due to the intense hot air they are being circulated in, and as the kettle starts to fill, the finished popcorn pours out through the spout of the hot air popcorn popper into a bowl.

And there you have it, the healthiest snack ever, air popped popcorn. Of course, you can than flavor the popcorn to your liking, but be aware that all added ingredients change the calorie count of your snack. Some famous quick seasoning fixes are:

  • nutritional yeast for a cheese popcorn flavor
  • chili powder
  • onion powder
  • sugar and cinnamon (2 teaspoons cinnamon per 1/3 cup sugar)

Hot air popcorn poppers are very efficient kitchen appliances, since they will leave almost no kernels unpopped. The popping cycle is around 3 minutes, which means that they are very quick and easy to use. If you are on the market shopping for a hot air popper, you will find that they are inexpensive. A reliable Presto hot air popper's pricetag will be around $20, while vintage style designer air poppers cost as low as $39.

You will see that natural popcorn kernels are much cheaper than microwave popcorn bags as well, so not only is it lighter on your wallet, it'll be lighter on the calorie side as well. Natural popcorn kernels can be found at any supermarket, usually right next to the microwave popcorn bags, so have a look for yourself! This is one of the very few instances, where a food thats actually healthy will be cheaper than the "artificial" version.

Nutrition information of one serving of air popped popcorn (1 cup, 8 g)

  • 31 calories
  • 0g saturated fat
  • ZERO cholesterol
  • just 1 mg sodium