Hot Popcorn Popper

How to Choose a Commercial Popcorn Machine

There are 2 very important aspects you need to consider when choosing a commercial popcorn maker:

Kettle Size

Medium Volume - 6-8 oz. popcorn machines

6 oz. and 8 oz. popcorn machines are ideal for use in social clubs, video stores, larger break areas, restaurants, small bars, country clubs, and waiting rooms.

Large Volume - 12 oz. popcorn machines

12 oz. popcorn machine poppers are ideal for use in large schools, zoos, midways, concession stands, and snack bars.

Commercial Volume - 16. oz popcorn machines

16 oz. popcorn machine poppers are ideal for use in theaters, convention centers, amusement parks, arenas, stadiums, malls, and ball parks.

Kettle Size (oz)

Servings Per Cycle

Servings Per Hour













Cabinet size and features

The counter space where your popcorn machine is placed will determine the size of your cabinet. If you buy a popcorn machine with a cart package, the cart will match the cabinet. If you buy a cart later on, make sure it fits your cabinet.

The heating system built intothe cabinet is also an important aspect, since heat keeps the popcorn fresh. There arethree types of heating systems:

  1. Smaller cabinet sized popcorn machines have a strip heater attached to the bottom pan.
  2. Larger machines have blower-heating systems that push more heat into the larger cabinet.
  3. Heat lamp giving off heat in the entire cabinet.

And also, don't forget about the external decoration and internal lightingof the popcorn machineto make sure your guests like what they see.

If you are purchasing the machine to sell popcorn, than keep these rules of popcorn thumb in mind:

  • If the model you purchase is too small, you will not be able to meet the demand, resulting in lost sales.
  • If the machine is too large, you will also be missing out on extra customers, since one of the keys to selling popcorn profitably is to pop corn when your location is the busiest. If your container is filled and not popping during busy hours, you are losing out on added 20% sales.